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Formerly designed and built by Banduksmith Studio, this four-storey building has been adapted to the vision of Arthshila. With 2 floors dedicated to our collection, a floor for exhibitions and a floor to host film screenings, Arthshila Ahmedabad sits pristine amongst institutions like IIM, AMA, ATIRA and more!

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For an intellectual evening or a creative hideaway, come explore the many spaces of Arthshila Ahmedabad.


Film | Screening

2 July 2022
Arthshila Ahmedabad's Film Showcase this week features ‘Great Artists’ by Andrew Hutton. This is an episode about Egon Leo Adolf Ludwig Schiele, an Austrian Expressionist painter. A protégé of Gustav..

Interaction | Dandi Path

31 July 2022
In February 2019, Harmony Siganporia  walked from Dandi to Ahmedabad, retracing the route of Gandhi's Salt March in reverse. She traversed this route of just under 400 kms over 25..

Film | Screening

19 July 2022
Arthshila Ahmedabad's Film Showcase this week features ’24 City’ by Jia Zhangke. 24 City chronicles the dramatic closing of a once-prosperous state-owned factory in Chengdu, southwest China and its conversion..

Film | Interaction,Screening

16 July 2022
We are pleased to announce that ‘Madappally United’ will be screened at Arthshila Ahmedabad followed by a discussion with Ajay Govind (Film Director) and Aasif Karim (Former International Sportsman for..

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